Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ice-Cream Birthday Party

A welcoming banner made by my beloved Cricut!

Again little details are everything . . .

A couple months ago my Uncle was here and we were keeping him busy with projects and that was when we had started the idea of the ice-cream party. We thought of a brilliant idea that we needed a "small" lemonade stand type thing for the kids to play in and we would decorate like an ice-cream shoppe . . . Well what was supposed to be a SMALL lemonade stand turned into a 6 FOOT folding booth! Yes so look forward to seeing lots of this stand, because well we have it now and need to find lots of use for it!!

We painted it heirloom white {and yes I have fallen DEEPLY in love with that color} and decorated it with some cut and tape soda shop decorations from the party store!

The pink tub which we served the ice-cream out of is a actually a planter that we painted pink . . .

The treats and toppings . . .

Did you notice on the pink ice-cream tub and behind my table those little black vinyl? Yeah those are from the dollar store and they are chalkboard!! Definition of perfection! 

{Also by the time of the party we did have the crushed oreos, I just got all ADD and started taking pictures in the middle of decorating!}

The cupcakes; the original idea was to bake them in the ice-cream cones. Now I would love to say that I wanted to be unique and different and that is why I put them in tiny waffle bowls instead but it was really just because I didn't trust myself or the ice-cream cones! I still like the alternative!! 

The melted ice-cream cone cake . . . In Neapolitan flavors {chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry}

The birthday girl in her outfit AND the birthday gift from Mee-mee {Shabby Wendy}

So we had party favors but I am having a hard time finding pictures of them?? Hopefully I will find them or I will just make up a mock one so I can quickly take a picture and add them here! Especially since I need to take a picture of the invitations as well!!

Hope you enjoy what we shared with you we had an awesome time and it was so super easy!!

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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