Saturday, November 30, 2013

Adventures of Prunella Day 2

Adventures of Prunella Day1

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby gift . . .

Little Shabby's Room Re-do

Since we moved in Little Shabby has had a very pale baby-ish green room. We just threw in her furniture and kept saying "before {insert party/event here} we will finish up her room!" And of course many events passed and a couple years went by and still the green walls and theme-less room existed!!

Then one glorious week I got the itch, I called the Hubby and said "GET ME SOME PAINT!" And so it began . . . Here is the finished project! And the dresser was a bargain find that was redone, but don't ask for before pics because they don't exist!! Sometimes I dive into a project and halfway realize I have no before pics!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sponge Bombs

Were are in full party mode again, its that time of year! This year we are having a Splish Splash Birthday Bash, and here is our first project!

I saw this idea on Pinterest, of course, and immediately thought; alternative to water balloons so I won't have to be collecting water balloon remnants from my backyard for the rest of summer! So off to the dollar store we went and it wouldn't be a Shabby Chicks project if we didn't tweek it to our liking!!  So here we go . . .

You will need:

Two sponges (got ours from the dollar store, 2 pack/$1)
Rubber bands

Cut sponges in half . . . .

Then cut each half, in half . . .

Do this for both sponges . . .

Stack them up like this, we tried stacking each and every way (colorwise) and they pretty much end up coming out looking the same!

Take your rubber band and place it in the middle of your stack!
{This is our "tweek" on the blog we saw, they used floss and we tried that and it didn't seem sturdy enough and it required the two of us, one to hold and one to tie. We knew there had to be a better way! There was}

Keep wrapping the rubber band around and make sure it is SUPER tight! 

Twist and turn to make the sponges go in each direction and just play around with them and thats it!

Super easy and cheap alternative to water balloons!!

Thanks for stopping by . . . 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Christmas gifts!

This year our family has opted out of the gift exchange and because Shabby Wendy cannot go empty handed her and Little Shabby collaborated for this project!

LS did the original drawing and wrote out everything and then SW traced those onto very thin tea towels!! Easy peasy!!

On the seventh day of Christmas . . .

SANTA-tizer!! Elementary school? Kindergarten? Need I say more!?