Sunday, May 1, 2011

The start of the madness . . .

Well I know with a birthday party in about 3-4 weeks there will be lots of posts. I cannot promise them all at once or all before the party, but maybe I can start sharing little bits on the way and then pull them together after! 

This is what we have been working on and I have no tutorials . . . I kind of did the slap together and wonder afterwards what you did method. Which means I will have to do another for tutorials! Hopefully it will work a second time!!

{I don't know how this came out like this, I started cutting tulle and sewing strips of tulle and ribbon and super glued -yes SUPER GLUE- it all together on a aligator clip!}

{A note: I have recently started using stabilizer on these shirts, HIGHLY recommend it!!}

This is the {99.9%} no sewing tu-tu! So super easy!! After the party extravaganza I will do a tutorial!

{Photo Disclaimer: Ignore my mess, my daughters rat nest hair, and the fact that the tu-tu is on a lampshade!}

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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