Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Cricut,

Dear Cricut,

The day we met I had no interest in you because I thought you were for Scrapbooking { the thing I have no patience for, seriously you should see my wedding album!} But then the more I played with Shabby Wendy's I started to realize I NEEDED you! You are amazing! You help me with t-shirts, we are in the middle of a vinyl wall art project together, and now you have helped me create a beautiful bunting banner for the upcoming birthday party! I LOVE YOU!


Shabby Chicks

{Cricut'Sweet Treats' Cartridge -Ice Cream-, 'Tie The Knot' Cartridge - Bunting Triangles-, 'Opposites Attract' Cartridge -Letters-}

Thanks for stopping by . . . 

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