Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not all projects are a 'Masterpiece'

I sadly have to write the tale of a project that has been everything short of successful! Remember this DRESSER:

I wish I could post an update of how it turned into a beautiful dark stained, provincial style dresser! It did NOT! The drawers turned out BEAUTIFULLY, picked up the stain like a fish to water! Then we went to the body of the dresser . . . The sides were made of a type of press board, but that would be okay we'd do something! Then we went about staining the rest of it, didn't take. Stripped, sanded and tried again, didn't take! So it stayed in the garage and was ignored for a while, mainly because of its bad behavior! Then we had the brilliant idea to paint it a light teal/aqua color and 'antique' it! So we painted it all teal and waited for it to dry and then started to add the stain to antique it. Guess what; the stain started stripping, yes STRIPPING the paint!! So again she was shoved against the wall in the garage and I have left her there and go back and forth on what to do with her!? We may attempt a new approach soon but even the thought of doing anything with this dresser gives me heartburn! Yikes!! Hopefully someday soon we will have a finished project to be proud of you to show you and say 'Don't give up on that annoying piece of old furniture!' But until then, put baby in the corner and leave there until you have enough Prozac to deal with the frustration!

p.s. This lovely dresser came in a set, she has a sister desk! I am sure you can imagine my enthusiasm on starting that!! : /

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