Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Printable

We have been VERY busy this week; I got new furniture so we have spent most of the week cleaning everything especially the carpet where the new couches will go and then of course doing some random projects around my house! One thing I did was paint the art niches {I think thats what they are called?} in the entry to my house. I used Glidden, wait for it . . . Chocolate Sprinkles! Yes that was the name of the paint and it is beautiful! I opened up the can and it looked like liquid chocolate; and then I smeared all the yummy chocolate on the wall!! Here's a tip, if you want to paint a wall a nice rich brown this is your paint; BUT if you gave up all sweets for Lent I would be very careful! Staring into a tub of {what looks like} liquid chocolate leaves you with some serious chocolate cravings!

But the painting lead to the first niche which you can see as soon as you walk in and the little frame I leave there for 'holidays', the one that up until days before St.Patrick's Day had Valentine's Day art and has been sporting green ever since. So after painting I wanted to show off and of course you can't show off your painting with an old holiday in the picture, well you can but I have a lot of "THOSE" friends and family that would ignore the pretty paint color and keep making comments that St. Patrick's Day is over! So here I made an Easter Printable for myself and all of you! 

{The 'Chocolate Sprinkles' Paint in the background ;) }

Hope everyone enjoys . . . But I am at a cross roads! I have said in the past on the printables that I am happy to give these to you for free as long as I get some love in the comments. I have seen a lot reads/downloads but no love? So I am debating if I should make these printables free for a limited time and then send them over to our Etsy Shoppe to sell for a buck or two?? I just want to know if I am wasting time posting them or if they actually are a hit!! So PLEASE leave me some love!!

Thanks for stopping by . . .


    Do ya feel the LOVE????

  2. Hi, just found your site today! Was able to download the Christmas one and now can't wait until NEXT Christmas... or maybe I'll just have Christmas in July! If you post the Easter one, I'd certainly appreciate it! I like all the colorful words and the 'soft' look to it! Thank you. I know that people get busy and download and then don't leave a thank you but I don't think that they are not appreciative. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  3. Thank you both ladies!! I feel the love!! :)

    And Patti, you should be able to click the link below the picture and it will take you to Scribd to download!If not let me know and I would be happy to send it to you!! :)