Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybe quilting is 'My Thing' . . . Hmm?

I Shabby Courtney grew up with a Grandmother who can sew beautifully, and although we laugh and joke she always made awesome outfits for me and my cousins to wear, always matching! My Mother (Shabby Wendy) is the ultimate crafter, but very modest. Most of our projects come from her, I just 'do' the projects! My Grandmother also knows how to crochet and my Great-Grandmother could crochet and quilt. I have always felt like these genes skipped over me some how. I have attempted crocheting multiple times and never finish mainly because after the first 5 or 10 rows it starts getting a little crocked. I did some sewing when I was 13 and ended up sewing my finger; yes I had to manually pull the needle from my finger with the knob on the side of the sewing machine, sorry to the squeamish! So I have been going along just doing/helping with the projects and along the way I can to a realization that I may not have a specific 'Thing' but I at least have the 'Crafting' bone in my body! I learned this by working with people that didn't get 'IT' and I didn't understand how until I realized that I get 'IT' because I have 'IT' . . . If that makes any sense!

I digress . . . So for one of my many sister-in-laws/ friends who are  pregnant I was making a little gift basket and started to head to the idea of cute little pink birdies (It's A Girl!) and then I saw a kit for a quilt that matched perfectly! I turned to Shabby Wendy and said "Can we attempt this?" What possessed me to jump in this project I will never know, but I am glad I did! So yeah maybe getting it in a pre-matched quilt took out some work, but we still had to cut them and do all the other work! So here it is, my first quilt:

So this has inspired me to start more quilts; that is after I get passed all the other projects I have to finish. My next quilt project is going to be turning my daughters outgrown t-shirts into an adorable keepsake!!

Happy Crafting!!

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