Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Shirts . . .

Also for the baby I decided any niece of mine needs a personalized shirt! At first I thought I may never be able to fit a name on a tiny baby onesie but I was wrong! First of all I decided to brave making the the shirt with the help of the Cricut! Oh how this made it so much easier!!

So I got my onesie, my fabric and wonder under. I ironed a 12x12 inch square of fabric to the wonder under (also 12x12inch) and then I put the wonder undered fabric to my Cricut mat and had the machine do the cutting of my letters! Yay; this saved me oh at least 15 minutes!! I then ironed the letters on and because I don't like it unfinished I hand stitched around the letters with embroidery thread! I also tried to use some tear-away stabilizer, which yes it helped with keeping the shirt from bunching but I swear I used it wrong so I am not even going to dive into telling you how that worked! But I do recommend it if you can figure it out! 

My next shirt was simpler but I got a little braver with it! I mentioned in the previous post about my scary 'Sewing of the Finger' incident so that is why I consider this brave! This project and the quilt were my first sewing adventures in at least 12 years and the only thing I was sewing then was scrunchies (Complicated right? Ha) so attempting this was scary!

So I did the same as the shirt above, ironed the fabric on to the wonder under and then sent through the Cricut, hello why cut a heart when a machine can cut a PERFECT one for you! But since this was a bigger appliqué and not little letters I wanted to try to "embroider" the heart! So I practiced on a scrap piece of fabric and then I went at it! Now I have a basic Brother machine, nothing fancy, all I did was change to the biggest zig-zag stitch and then change the width between the stitch to the smallest. Well almost my machine has a 0 (zero) and then an F setting for the width, being a not so experienced sewer I have no clue what the F stands for but that worked better than the 0. So then I just followed that around the heart and ta-da I embroidered my appliqué!

I suggest practicing on some scrap first, and on a BIG appliqué especially if you are as un-experienced as me!!

Happy Crafting everyone!!

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