Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simple Sundays . . .

Sundays are a simple day for us around here so I thought I would share one of my recent "simple" projects! Which loosely translate to: I did it in one night and did NOT have to do any re-dos or tantrums!!

This is a shot of our kitchen when we were painting and before we moved in so excuse the disaster in the photo!

So here is our bar in the kitchen/dining room! After the first couple weekends in the house and quite a few guest we realized we don't have a lot of seating when it comes time to eat. So we had been thinking that this spot would be perfect for a couple of barstools . . . then we started looking at the prices of barstools! WOW, barstools are pricey!! So barstools went further down the list of "needs!"

Then Mom (Shabby Wendy) found a pub style table on Craigslist with 8 (YES EIGHT!!) barstools for the table! She put 4 around the table and 4 under her bar. And because I was nice enough to drive with her to the other side of town to pick up this deal I got to take the old barstools!

Simple saddle barstools, only problem is my kitchen/dining room is BLACK!! Like that ever stopped me from something that was FREE!!

So did a little sanding and spray painted them black. But I am in love with the black distressed look so I took out my trusty sander and did a couple touches here and there!!

Then finally I put a good coat of gloss and we now have four barstools, and only room for two. But the more the merrier, especially when its free!!

Before & After

Back to relaxing . . . have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. Why didn't you tell me you moved into Blogland. Congrats on the move. Now I'm off to see all the wonderful projects you've posted. I'll be following you.

  2. Well we just started and Mom and I were waiting to get more than 2 posts to share with everyone!! We are going to follow you as well!! I love all your stuff!! :)