Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other peoples trash that they take to Goodwill become our treasures . . .

Some people take their unwanted "trash" to Goodwill and don't realize they are giving up GOLD!! I wonder if some of these people saw the things we turn their trash into if they would want it back?? Well too bad finders keepers!!!

Some of our favorite "Goodwill" projects are our chalkboard and corkboard frames!! I have done the tutorial on how we did our corkboard frame before so if you see these new ones we did and want to know how just follow the link HERE to see how!!

This one was used with that same shower curtain we did for the white mirror in THIS post!!

This beauty was a $2 frame with picture at Goodwill, it was originally white!

 Wish I could show you the before picture but sometimes we get caught up on what our finished project will look like that we forget to bring the camera with us!!

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