Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remember that mirror?

Yeah this one!! Remember when we said to stay tuned?
Well obviously you would have to stay tuned for the whole dresser/desk project because we have yet to finish them! The dresser ended up being too dark and it has taken me this long to figure out what color I wanted for the desk!!

But we have finished the mirror . . . or shall I say corkboard?

We took off the mirror and painted the frame white . . .

Have you seen this stuff? We found it at Target and it is pretty much self adhesive cork board!! IT IS AMAZING!! 

We took a science board and cut to fit in the frame of the mirror and covered it with this corkboard!!

Then we ironed on some wonder-under onto the cork board . . .

Now we searched and searched and searched some more and I could not find a fabric that I deemed "perfect" enough for my guest bedroom . . . Then Shabby Wendy had an idea!

Some shower curtains are made of fabric maybe someone would have one I like . . .

Sure enough we found this beauty at Target . . .

Well it was a beauty to me . . . I have an obsession with monograms and this had a HUGE 'A' just screaming for me!!

So with the wonder-under in place we then iron the shower curtain on to the cork board.

Then placed the board back into the mirrors frame . . .

And this is the (almost) final project! We think there is an empty space at the head of the frame that needs something . . . but we are in the process of finding something that we can put on there and a matching the same size to put on the bed frame for the guest room! 

Ha talk about a goose chase!!

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