Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why make a silly-faced pumpkin when you could make this?

So this may not be real shabby, or all that crafty. But its October, Halloween is right around the corner and well I want to share my pumpkin!!!

Please keep in mind this is actually the FIRST pumpkin I have ever carved on my own!! Ever since I moved out on my own and had a baby I never felt a need to carve a pumpkin and I thought this year was the year my daughter might actually have fun with it!! She did!! I kind-of did, not considering the sticky dry hands and achy fingers from holding the itty bitty carving tool!!

This was my helper, she stuck her hand in for all of 5 seconds and said "Eww that grossy!" From then on she decided to be an observer!!

Here are the finished projects! I will show pictures then explain, I normally do step-by-step but sitting in a chair with a pumpkin on my lap I was in no hurry to take pictures and I figured you either know how to carve or you can read the booklet that comes with any carving kit!!

This was actually super simple!! I am just not the worlds most steady hand so that is why it didnt come out perfect!!

All I did was find some picture of a fleur-de-lis and printed out two of the exact size! Now remember when picking a picture you have to cut this with that tricky little carving knife so the less intricate the easier it will be ON YOU!!

I then went to Word and typed a big "A" and then flipped through my fonts until I found one I liked and thought would be easy!

Printed these all out and taped them to the pumpkin like any stencil, then used the little marking tool to make my pattern onto the pumpkin. Some areas I left the paper on and carved through it. Now this is a perfectly okay method but it gets a little messier! So you were forewarned!! 

Trust me if I could do this on my first pumpkin carving anyone can!!

Now I picked and pulled out all those pumpkin seeds and have them baking in the oven!! This made the pumpkin carving totally worth it!!!

If any of you have some interesting pumpkin carving I would love for you to share!!! 

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