Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bridal Shower Sneak Peek!

We have been slacking on the blogging, but we have been planning a bridal shower; with a large guest list and large-r than life ideas! We cannot show you all the stuff because well the shower isn't until August 6th and lots of it is a surprise to the bride! So here is just a little preview of some of the things to come! 

{Theme of the shower!}

We have so many decorations with this on it. Our theme is pink and orange with a very Princessy type ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE everywhere!!

I think every event I have ever had, birthdays, showers, weddings whatever it is I love to get the box set of invites from Target, Wal-Mart or Michaels and it is even better when they are on sale! The best part is they usually come with the invite and envelopes and also reply cards with envelopes! I love having the option of the reply cards because you can use them for registry cards or print maps to the venue. So many options, whatever you choose! 

{Invitations and card with registry's listed}

Now I do know that it is proper etiquette to NOT mention where the couple is registered, but I will be honest I don't want everyone calling me asking me about the couple and where they are registered. Plus I love the idea of putting it on the small reply cards that way {I hope} guests can throw the small card in their purse and have it handy when they are shopping, because it has the couples name so they can go to the store and have the spelling of both names RIGHT THERE! Well I think that is what I would do!?

{The favors for the bridal shower!}

The real sneak peek is the wine glasses! The tutorial is coming soon! I know I have promised wine glass tutorial before and I honestly was about to post it until I got to the point where I realized the tutorial photos were on Shabby Wendy's camera at her house! So once I have them I will add it and FINALLY post the tutorial on personalized wine glasses!

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is SO much more exciting stuff to come!!

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