Saturday, January 1, 2011

The stocking were hung . . . with a whole new flare this year!!

So after the Turkey shirt and the Christmas shirt (SEE HERE) I decided we needed to do some projects with fancy letters!

So I took to my computer and found which font I thought was best and printed out my daughters name. Cut those letters out and traced them (BACKWARDS) on the back of some wonder-under(ed?) fabric. Ironed them on to the GIANT stocking from the Dollar Store and ta-da a much cuter (than the standard block letters we have had until now) stocking!!

For those of you who may have read this and keep thinking why is she emphasizing the letters to be backwards, well most of you probably know there may be a few people who never done a project and don't know! I know that if Shabby Wendy wouldn't have made a comment my first go around may have ended in frustration!  You have to trace them backwards on the back of the fabric because with wonder-under when you peel the back and place it on the piece you are ironing on to the image will be swapped, unless of course you are tracing on the actual fabric which I wouldn't recommend because well you might end up with little lines where your pen/marker traced. Again do what makes you feel comfortable I just do things the way I know my simple mind can handle and I wont overwhelm myself!!

Still one more project to come . . . and once me and my new Cricut get better acquainted expect a lot more of these projects!!

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