Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some printables . . .

This Christmas Shabby Wendy asked for two simple things; watch the dog for a week (free of charge) and make her a framed subway art of some 'House Rules!' So the first one was super easy, that is until Shabby Wendy decided that in February she will be getting another golden retriever . . . should have put an expiration on that coupon!!

Since I had company and loads of Christmas stuff to do on top of my 'Santa' duties, I was given the okay to wait until after the holidays to work on her framed art! So last night when I have a few minutes to rest I got started on the 'House Rules.' I made personalized ones for each household but thought I couldn't leave out our blog family so I made a generic one for anyone to download.

Click HERE
(Also we would like to ask IF you do download this and/or use our art please leave a comment just to let us know you like it, after it's FREE!! Thanks!!)

Well if you have ever read this blog or reading it now you will start to notice once I start the subway art I cannot stop . . . Which led me to think, what is the next holiday to decoarate for?? Valentine's Day!! So here is a simple little Valentine's Day subway art!! Enjoy, oh and please like before if you use/download please give us a shout out in the comments!! 

Click HERE

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  1. Thank you! You definitely have the 'hang' of making wonderfuly subway art! Thank you for sharing! I appreciate your generosity!