Monday, November 8, 2010

Pretty Little Switch Plates . . .

So like most people I am sure you all have these throughout your house . . .

So I have been putting off some other projects that have been frustrating me (to be continued) and instead I have been doing something that is quick and easy with a quick results that make me happy and forget that some other projects are failing . . .

All you need is:
*Your old boring switch plates
*Scrapbook paper, whatever pattern you pick
*Paint brush (We usually use the sponge ones with decoupage)
*X-Acto Knife

It really doesn't get much simpler than this. Cut the paper to fit around the switch plate, leave a extra paper around the edges and you can trim after you glue it to the switch plate. 

Paint on a good layer of Mod Podge onto the switch plate and place the paper on. Make sure to press down on the sides, and then trim off the sides and on the corners. 

Once you have it trimmed add a layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper, make sure it is a good thick coat! 

Now if you are not familiar with decoupage you need to know that it will be cloudy but not to worry it will dry clear! I usually do a real nice even coat and then let dry and then add another coat for good measure. 

After the decoupage is completely dry take your X-Acto knife and cut your holes for the screws and the switches. Then put your switch plate back on!!

I love these, such a pretty little addition to any room!!

By far my FAVORITE!!

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  1. So simple but such a nice touch for a room. My switchplates are in for a makeover.