Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas comes earlier every year . . .

Although I am anti-Christmas decorating no earlier than Black Friday I figure it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and start planning for it!

So after Shabby Wendy printed more Thanksgiving art than she has frames we both decided to start looking for a Christmas Subway art printable . . . we couldn't find any that were printable! So I looked at some other Subway art and thought; oh we could do one!! So after brainstorming Christmas words (instead of doing the smart thing and googling it) we made our very own Christmas Subway Art!! 
Hope you enjoy!!

This is just a preview, if you click below you can go to Scribd so you can download the PDF!

p.s. Now that we have discovered we can make this, expect some more Subway Art!!


  1. You two can do anything. I'm on my way to Scribd--Thanks

  2. Love it! I can't pull up the pdf file. Is there another way or can you email it to me? :)