Monday, November 8, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Art . . .

Well we took down our Halloween decorations (all 3 of them) and have turned our eyes to Thanksgiving . . . We have four family members coming in from Florida for Thanksgiving so Mom has decided to have EVERYBODY over for Thanksgiving! Shabby Wendy goes through the same process every time she decides to do one of the family holidays, say "I'll do it" then panic! So being that the turkey is going to be at her house this year we figured we need more decoration than the fall leaf wreath on the front door!

If you want this super easy art for Fall just go HERE! Also check around her blog Craftily Ever After, she has some other amazing art for Thanksgiving and some really cute crafts!!

You can see a peek of one of our projects to come on the right, they are painted and ready for SOMETHING to fill them up!

Now I am off to search the computer/internet/Facebook to find the picture of a project I did with Mini-Shabby last year so I can share with you all BEFORE Thanksgiving!!

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