Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh how things seem different when you are older . . .

Its Halloween, and even though there is always at least ten kids playing out on our street and we live right next to the elementary school we had all of 7 trick-or-treaters, and now A LOT of extra candy!!

Well no big projects today, we were too busy putting together a ballerina costume. So I guess I will give an update to another post . . . The pumpkin!!

Now this is no big surprise to anyone but I have to say it; pumpkins have a VERY short life after you scoop their brains out!! I guess when I was younger I didn't pay attention to the length of their existence but now as a Mom, or shall I say the carver I notice that I put a lot of effort into something that lasted maybe a couple days! So next year when this time of year rolls around and my daughter wants the pumpkin I am going to save myself the hand cramp, the sticky fingers, and the depression two days later when its starting to wither. We will be drawing with sharpies and/0r making some glue/glitter art on the pumpkin!!

I guess you have to do it once, and I did and I put proof on a blog so there!! No more pumpkin carving in this household!!

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