Saturday, August 25, 2012

First day of School!

Little Shabby starts Kindergarten in 2 days . . . My how the time has flown! I cannot believe my BABY is old enough to go to school! But no time get all weepy I have to make sure we send her off as looking cool! And that means that we need to get crafting!

I have seen all the little printables and little notes for the kiddos lunch boxes and well I know me all to well to know that after the first or second day I will totally forget! So what better way than a chalkboard IN the lunch box! That way every night when we go to make the lunch I will remember to leave Little Shabby a love note!

p.s. Do you know how hard it is to find a HARD lunch box now a days? Very hard and then after my long hard search, I get the supply list that says a soft one is preferable!

This isn't the actual first day pic (obvioulsy it hasnt started!) but my model was more than willing!

Simple wood board from Hobby Lobby, $2.99 before coupon, some spray chalkboard paint and some jazzed up chipboard letters!

I made it chalkboard so that we can use it for her 'First Day' photo every year we just need to write the new school year! 

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