Thursday, December 1, 2011

Serious Blog Slacking . . .

Yes I know we have been MIA for over a month . . . Life happens around here! We have family, we chaos, we have drama, good and bad, we have it all!! So sometimes among the chaos we {mainly I, since I am the computer person in this duo} forget to post all that goes on!

The other day as I was helping Mom I kept finding ourselves saying "We need to take a picture of this for the blog" "We need to put this on the blog"!! A lot of saying not a lot of doing!! So now that some company is gone and we are hanging the stockings and trimming the tree and my camera is flashing away we will try to keep everything coming! At the very least you will be getting daily updates on Prunella because boy have we searched the internet and thought up some fun ideas for our elves!!

Hoping all is well and wishing a Happy Holiday Season to all !!!

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