Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Boys Wacky Tie T-Shirt

I (for craft reasons unknown) had a package of Hanes t-shirts in a boys medium and considering I have only a daughter and only neices I have no one to pawn these off on! So I decided to make something with them, but since my 'Crafts on a Whim' usually come at a price I have ruined two and made two into something and too exhausted to try something with the fifth!

Problem Number 1: I only make clothes for little girls, what in the world do little boys like on their t-shirts?

Problem Number 2: After I decided to use my scraps to make some little boys Tie shirts, I had a long fight with my sewing machin, yelling at her and blaming her for the crazy messed up stitch until I realized I threaded it wrong and did something with my bobbin that I am still unsure what I did!

So after all that was settled I made this shirts . . .

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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