Friday, August 13, 2010

Our First Post . . .

First of all let me introduce you to the Shabby Chicks! I am Courtney, a SAHM of a beautiful, energetic 3 year old little girl. Within a week I will be moving into my first home with my daughter and my hubby! I have never considered myself a crafty person, I always stood by with my Grandmother and watched (delegated) my Mother and whoever was brave enough to tackle a craft with her while they have strips of fabric, hot glue guns and plenty of equipment and accessories from the craft store scattered across my Grandmothers dining room table! But moving into a 4 bedroom house with only 2 bedrooms (and a study) worth of furniture and a tight budget I have learned why my Mom always liked to tear things apart and make them "better." Because its (sometimes) cheaper!! I also have come to realize while talking shop with other people that I have more for an eye for the crafty stuff than I thought I did!! So after hunting the internet for ideas and DIY projects my Mom and I decided with her crafty nature and my (somewhat) computer knowledge it was time to take our projects and let the world see. Because just showing our friends on Facebook just isn't enough!! That leads me to the other Shabby Chick . . . my Momma!! SAHG(randma) and amazing Mother, the only Shabby Chick of the two of us that actually lives in Sugar Land, and a PROUD Army Mom of a solider who is currently in Afghanistan!! I could list all her amazing qualities, but then I would never get to what our blog is truly about . . . OUR PROJECTS!! And although I would love to take credit for our future posts, I can already assume a majority of them will be her idea and I am just the brains of the computer operations!!

So I hope whoever stumbles across this page likes what they see and can get some great ideas like we have done from our fellow bloggers!!

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